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Market Landscape Segmentation

Research America’s proprietary segmentation model combines survey data with big data, including customer profiles and other behavior-based sources to provide findable segments that are more robust and reliable than traditional methods. By leveraging multiple datasets from disparate sources, our segmentation model can identify complex consumer needs and motivations that may have otherwise been overlooked. Furthermore, this heightened level of consumer insight enables companies to better understand their consumer base, create more innovative products & services, craft tailored messaging strategies, and develop breakthrough campaigns.

What sets Research America apart from competitors is the ability to construct custom segments tailored to individual company needs. Our team works closely with clients to evaluate their unique business objectives and develop bespoke segmentation models that deliver actionable insights for informed decision making. Our experts utilize advanced modeling techniques that incorporate various datasets in order to uncover meaningful insights about consumers’ behaviors and preferences – providing you with deep insights into your target market.

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