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iShareBoard™: A Better Bulletin Board for Market Research

iShareBoard™ takes advantage of threaded “Bulletin Board” technology. iShareBoard™ participants log in at times and from locations that are convenient to them, answering questions posted by a moderator while reading and responding to other participants’ comments.


  • Takes place over a 3-7 day period
  • Respondents participate 2-3 times each day
  • Have 10-30 participants (rather than 8-10 common with in-person or real-time online groups)
  • Allows multiple answering options: text, web- cam, and camera (pre-recorded videos or pictures)

iShareBoard™ MOBILE

  • Participants answer questions, upload videos and pictures, and post journals through their smart phones or mobile devices.
  • An opt-in geo-location feature to pinpoint where participants are and correlates responses to activities or locations
  • Voice-to-Text feature makes it easy for participants to respond


  • Pull data from specifically tags groups of participants to create more accurate analysis
  • Tag specific respondents based on demographic and consumer segmentation information to better communicate with respondents and gain valuable audience specific insights

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