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Telephone Interviews

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Business owners live for the moment when they’re ready to expand, introducing something new. But how will the market receive your new product or service idea? Conducting telephone interviews that measure market opinion helps business owners and their marketing teams successfully plan ahead.

Telephone interviews are deceptively simple: workers ask a simple series of questions to willing respondents over the phone. These questions can range from quantitative (such as "How many minutes do you spend listening to your mp3 player each day?") to qualitative (such as "Why do you listen to your mp3 player?).

While market research telephone interviews seem deceptively simple, companies trying to conduct research on their own soon discover that they need outside help. Business owners know their products and their customers like no one else, and can come up with great questions to ask the people who are currently buying their products. A professional survey designer can look objectively at clients and their customers, and create a more comprehensive set of questions that can probe even deeper into consumer opinion.

Our market research interviewing firm can reach out to English and Spanish-speaking respondents. Our staff has received training in how to ask questions to obtain and record accurate responses, even being able to accurately translate English language studies for Spanish-speaking consumers.

Your company need to conduct studies with more than 1000 consumers in order to obtain meaningful data for their clients. That's why we have dedicated staff who can reach consumers, successfully get them to answer and quickly work through lists of telephone numbers. This may seem like a lot of telephone interviews, but it is essential to reduce the margin of error and to get accurate results. Since most businesses don’t have the manpower to do over 1000 surveys, they usually outsource the study to a company like ours. We will collect the data and then send your company the results.

It’s a good idea to make sure that the telephone interview firm you choose has the right background and experience to create and conduct your survey for you. A good market research company is one that is organized, established, and demonstrates that it has your best interests at heart by the taking the time to create a custom-survey for you. You also want to make sure that your market research company prides itself on its staff. They, must be polite, courteous, friendly and engaging. Great phone personalities help them reach potential respondents and help create an honest atmosphere for the series of questions and answers that follow.

When you’ve contracted with the right company, they’ll design your survey with your input, create and train a team, and rapidly move through contact lists to conduct the telephone interview. We usually can reach as far as your company’s reach; our staff can call consumers anywhere on the planet for B2B or B2C surveys. They are conducted in multiple languages and in multiple time zones to accommodate calls to Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. We are available 24-hours a day to accommodate global business. We also have the capability to tabulate your results and present a report; you just have to wait for the results. Once you have your report, you are able to move forward on your idea, making the adjustments to create a successful new product or service launch.

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