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Survey Study Design

Research America’s personal approach conducting your survey research study begins with understanding

survey study design

Research America conducts your study through a blend of approaches. Our consultants will introduce each methodology and technique to you, and explain the benefits and weaknesses of each approach. We will work together to design a step by step study design for your unique project.

Step 1: Quotas and Sampling

When your research includes quantitative research in the form of a survey, we start by determining acceptable levels of statistical tolerance (minimum 95% +/- 4.4%) for results obtained through questionnaires. We calculate the quotas required for surveys and other forms of research, including focus groups and depth interviews. We choose the best sampling methods for the different components of your study, and obtain access to potential respondents that meet your exact criteria. Your samples may be drawn from your client lists or from other resources Research America can access for your study. Using this information, we finalize a sampling plan based on estimated response rates.

Step 2: Study Design

Once we’ve established which questions need to be asked and who will be interviewed, we design your survey instrument, scripting, and discussion guides. We categorize the attributes you need to measure and write questions around your exact objectives and the best practices in your industry. We also create a set of specific Quality Assurance procedures for your individual study.

Step 3: Data and Reporting Decision Making

Research America’s robust reporting systems deliver data in many different formats, ranging from simple banner tables to full-color graphical representations of your findings. Our experts are available to interpret your data to answer questions about your study. Our team members can create a customized report for your study and are available for on-site or remote presentations. Our presenters are highly regarded by their industry peers, and will offer an engaging overview of your study to your organization and stakeholders.

Step 4: Programming & Interviewer Training

When your study involves a survey, programming your approved survey instrument into our telephone interviewing system or internet-based system is your next step in the Survey and Study Design process. When self-administered paper-based surveys are part of your activity, we can format and print to your project’s marketing specifications. We also print any discussion or interview guides used by our depth -interviewers and focus group moderators during these areas of your project.

Once survey instruments, scripts and contact lists are approved, we test all systems involved in your research. We select and train interviewing staff and field test the various components of the survey, adjusting where necessary.

Step 5: Fielding, Analysis and Data Delivery

Once your project goes live, you can interact with our online dashboards to monitor the progress of your study, and your project manager will be available to update you on progress and any issues that arise in the field. Listening, viewing and other monitoring activities are available depending on the techniques and methodologies involved in your study. You may monitor the progress of your interviews through contacting your project manager.

Research America offers optional full-service analysis and reporting which allows all our clients to choose the level of analysis and reporting support that is right for their organization. Your organization may have a dedicated staff member who will conduct an internal analysis and report of data that we provide to you in CSV or SPSS format. Research America also provides full analysis and reporting support including live, on-site or offsite reporting presentations.

Research America’s consultants and analysts deliver thoughtful support and insightful data throughout your survey research process. Our team will design a customized package of services for you that will uncover the questions you want to ask your market during the research process, and deliver the answers and information you need to continue your organization’s success.

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