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Computer Questionnaire Programming

Depending on our client's requirements, Research America conducts some surveys on the computer and some on hardcopy (paper).

Computer Questionnaires

About three-fourths of the surveys Research America, Inc. conducts are done on the computer. Because answers are entered directly into the computer, results can be tabulated more quickly. Depending on the information our clients wish to obtain, Research America programming staff can program the computer questionnaires to ask any type of question and gather many categories of data. Because the computer calculates the information entered, the skip patterns (i.e. if question 1 is yes, skip question 2) can be more complex.

Hard-Copy Questionnaires

Some clients rather their surveys be conducted on hard-copy (paper). There are really no advantages to doing this instead of computer questionnaires. Everything provided by computer questionnaires are provided by hard-copy questionnaires, but it does take a little longer to tabulate the results.

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