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Online Web Surveys

online web surveys

Research America assists your marketing team in uncovering insights and opportunities through online and web surveys. Fast, simple, powerful and versatile, electronic surveys engage your potential market audience and get their opinions. Research America’s electronic surveys offer an alternative approach to telephone surveys. Your sampled respondents can complete their self-administered surveys at their convenience, within project timeframes. Our systems tabulate results immediately.

Email Invitations

Our unique electronic sampling procedures generate individually coded invitations sent by mail or by email to each respondent. These access codes assure respondents of complete anonymity in taking each survey. Email invitations can include your specific branding and our programmers will also email reminders to your respondents and track all progress, including tracking your sample recruiting campaign’s open and response rates.

Survey Skip Logic

Online and web surveys can be short and succinct. When questionnaires grow more complex, our developers ask respondents for more detailed responses through using skip logic -- where certain question responses may trigger additional responses for deeper questioning. Long or short, your online questionnaire reveals in-depth understanding of individual perceptions, beliefs and/ or attitudes.

SPSS Export

Data collected through Research America’s online platform is pre-coded and easily exported into SPSS or virtually any other statistics and analysis software platform. Online dashboard views make it easy to track the progress of any online / web survey.

Multi-Mode Surveys

We can easily convert online studies into multi-mode surveys. Your online questionnaire easily exported into a hard-copy or telephone survey format for additional sampling.

Multilingual Surveys

Online / web surveys can be translated and administered in the languages your target market prefers.

Mobile & Tablet Survey Fielding

Our researchers can field your survey via tablet computers, web-enabled kiosks or smartphones. Options are available for online and offline data connection, and invitation through distributing QR codes for quick access to the survey website.

Enterprise Features

Your online survey can be customized using your iconic branding strategy. Neutral white-label design options are also available from the Research America web survey design team. All surveys are accessible by your team through multi-user accounts with online collaboration tools.

Research America works with all sizes and kinds of organizations to deliver affordable, customizable marketing research solutions, from small startup companies to Fortune 500 brands. Online web surveys will help you discover key demographic information about the consumers interested in products and services you’re involved with, reveal your market segmentation strategy, help you define your marketing message and gain inspiration for future development. Your online studies can reveal how well your customer service and support programs are working, and define benchmarking goals to meet during your next study. Our experts will design a comprehensive online and multi-modal program for your organization that will maximize your marketing research budget and help your business reach its goals.

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