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Market Research On-Site Presentation And Reporting

On-Site Presentation And Reporting

In addition to receiving raw data and/or written reports, many clients want a live, in-person formal presentation of final project results to their organization. Research America’s on-site meetings include a step-by-step review of study findings and results, as well as providing an opportunity for direct questions-and-answers. Our expert team of statisticians and analysts are always available to meet in-person and/or prepare formal, oral reports as requested.

Our reporting delivers answers to these questions:

Presenting information to your company is arguably the most important part of your research program. When Research America’s team is invited to deliver an oral report to your stakeholders, your research findings will be channeled into a finely-tuned presentation that can be delivered in person, or in a webinar. Our analytics team will:

Research America develops, conducts and disseminates marketing research programs for companies, and helps make data understandable for your organization through reporting and dynamic presentations. Our team will help your marketing department interpret and integrate accurate and current marketing data into your programs, and help bring your ideas to market.

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