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Key Driver Analysis

key driver analysis

Research America helps identify which factors affect your success through applying key driver analysis to the data we’ve collected from your market base. Key driver analysis (KDA) discovers what your customers and clients believe is most important about your products and services through exploring what motivates purchasing decisions.

KDA explores why customers:

Understanding key driver relationships is not only essential for new product development and designing new customer acquisition strategies, but using this knowledge also ensures that your current, loyal customer base stays happily satisfied.

Research America customizes Key Driver Analysis studies for each client’s unique set of marketing research goals. Our analytics team brings decades of experience in multi-disciplinary marketing and marketing research into exploring statistical connections between potential drivers and customer behavior. When we apply our proprietary statistical modelling methodologies to your customer opinion data, our team can clearly represent this information through the reports you receive, and help you understand this information through our conversations about your study.

At the end of your study, you will clearly understand the multiple, complex levels of connection between your organization and the individuals in your market.

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