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Cross Tabulation Analysis

Research America’s analysts develop a clear picture of what your marketing research data indicates by using statistical software that lays out responses in a table format where data can be compared and cross-referenced easily. Applying cross tabulation analysis helps us show you how the various survey responses relate to each other, as well as visualize how data corresponds to the various demographic and other category responses included in your survey sample. Analyzing raw data using cross tabulations helps marketers observe two or more variables simultaneously. Cross tabulation divides raw data into subgroups, showing how each dependent variable changes when represented in each subgroup. Cross tabulation is extremely popular in marketing research – it tends to be the most-used data analysis tool, able to clarify how data variables relate to each other in a very clear way.

Our goal is to explain what people think about your product, service or idea, and provide insight into the trends that indicate why consumers respond the way they do. When researchers clarify the data represented in cross tabulation results, they offer an interpretation that points the way to your next action, helping you determine what exactly how to act on new information and take the next step in marketing your product, service or idea.

Gaining Insights

Because cross tabulation analysis sorts information clearly in table-form, this method helps researchers visualize market phenomena—insights that might be hidden even using more complicated analytical methods. Research America’s consultants work with you at every step of the research process to discover connections, explain confusing information, and spot trends more quickly. Our expertise garnered through decades of experience in providing sharp interpretations of complex data will help you develop and change your marketing plans.

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