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Correlation And Regression Analysis

Research America’s Analytics team uses statistical significance, including correlation and regression analysis, to make predictions about how your business’ product or service will perform over time based on the likes and dislikes to the thousands of variables we present within your marketing research survey instrument. Correlation and regression analysis are used to determine if there is a relationship among multiple data variables and, if so, measure the strength of these relationships. In market research, these two techniques are applied to key outcomes (e.g, customer satisfaction) that are dependent on multiple factors (e.g, product cost or availability).

Our aim is to help you understand how these variables relate to the areas you should target, which will improve your key outcome for each of the areas (e.g. improving customer satisfaction).

Correlation and regression analysis are applied to the thousands of responses that your study generates through statistical software. This analysis may also uncover relationships that might not be evident at first look - ideas that you can take back into your organization to further improve key outcome scores

Research America consultants and data analysts work together to help make your marketing program successful by guiding you through the research process, help you understand statistical predictions and help you make decisions based on the data we uncover. Together, we’ll build help your organization improve your marketing program and help your ideas reach more potential customers and clients.

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