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Market Research Analytics

Research America applies time tested methodologies and best practices to deliver data that help your business or organization keep your marketing programs on target. We begin every marketing research or opinion study by working closely with your team to learn the scope, purpose, and context of your program, and then we detail an evaluation design employing sound data collection and analysis methods.

We prove our excellence through experience: our Research America team members have decades of experience in providing -time, in-budget performance, and a track record of well-received product evaluation. Our leaders and interviewers are drawn into marketing research from professional careers in healthcare and the sciences, banking and finance, and general business, retail, consumer goods and services – the services and support we offer blends scientific rigor with practicality.

Our core research and evaluation services include:

  • Survey Research
  • Performance Measurement
  • Program Evaluation
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Program Effectiveness
  • Strategy

Marketing research only succeeds if it brings measurable results. Our analytics team works alongside your marketers to design research pathways that address your business challenges. Bringing decades of experience in broad and specialty business industries, we examine ways to apply knowledge uncovered by marketing research to product development, customer segmentation and user experience.


Research America utilizes techniques and develops analytical designs specifically to reach your individual research objectives. Based on research data indicators, our teams will help you optimize your product designs, forecast pricing, strategize segmentation, develop effective messaging, predict how your customers will behave over time and help you retain and improve your customer loyalty scores.

Clear Direction

Research America reporting helps you make sense of the enormous amounts of data that your study generates. We produce detailed reporting deliverables that include highlights that help you develop and adjust your marketing plan.

Research America’s development, analytics and consultative teams creatively apply a full suite of innovative and flexible methodologies to your organization’s specific needs and market audience. We will help your organization develop measurable indicators, meticulously collect informative data rigorous, provide insightful performance analysis, and help you make informed decisions to improve your overall program effectiveness.

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