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Telephone Opinion Polls | Research America

What is Telephone Opinion Polling?

We aim to measure what people think about a number of topics. For example, it could involve surveying a group of people about whom they think will win in an election, what type of restaurants they frequent, or their thoughts on fashion trends.

How does Telephone Opinion Polling work?

There are a number of factors that play into how exactly telephone opinion polling is conducted. First, we have to select the demographic of people we want to interview. The demographic varies according to the purpose of the interview. For example, a company who wants to find out how their customer service department is doing would obviously choose people who have used them in the past. Companies also use our services if they want a general consensus on a topic or product; these surveys frequently relate to subjects everyone could have a say on, such as the state of the economy, favorite beverage, or what they do after work or on weekends. Once companies finish picking the demographic they want to survey, our professionals call individuals chosen by some method of random sampling. .When the telephone opinion polling work is complete, marketing research analysts get to work interpreting the results.

When most people think of market research interviewing services, they think of long-ranging pharmaceutical studies or customer satisfaction surveys. In reality, we have much more varied applications; businesses can use our image studies, needs assessments, or performance evaluations. Almost any industry could use our services; a retail company could test reactions to a new product line, an airport could poll public confidence, and travel agencies could tap into a niche market. We can work for every business, because every business depends on the customer opinion.

Why do companies use Telephone Opinion Polling?

Telephone opinion polling has many benefits compared to other types of surveying (i.e. internet, mail, and person to person interviewing). Other methods of surveying frequently generate too little of a response (such as mailing), overlook specific demographics (in the case of internet surveys, the percentage of people that don’t use the internet) or cost too much time and money (such as the person to person method). Telephone opinion polling is by far the best option for data collection. Since consumers are more likely to trust our methods (as opposed to mailing or internet), companies are able to reach more people, giving a smaller margin of error and more accurate results. We give our staff the ability to ask more complex, open-ended questions instead of simple yes or no questions. We also add another dimension to the interview; since interviewers are able to register inflection and modulation of consumer’s voices, they have a much more accurate depiction of the consumer’s outlook.

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