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Shopper Insights

Gone are the days of the linear Awareness –> Interest –> Consideration -> Action funnel of customer purchase decisions. Today’s shopper is faced with a nearly overwhelming number of product choices, an explosion of information, continually increasing pressure on their time and financial resources and a wide proliferation of alternative distribution channels. This is a fundamental transformation in shopping behavior.

Right Place, Right Message, Right Product, Right Price

Marketers used to interact with shoppers to help them reduce the options in their consideration set and emerge from the customer journey with a single brand to purchase. Now, shoppers travel a different path or journey, with lots of stops for conversation along the way, and maybe even changes in direction and destination. Marketers now use consumer insights to identify the ideal mix and composition of shopper touchpoints, messages, and experiences to get the shopper to purchase.

Research America is helping shopper insights professionals adapt their thinking and change their approach to today’s shoppers. By creating more effective shopper strategies in-store and online, as well as gathering shopper insights to craft optimal messaging and a persuasive experience, Marketers learn how to win in today’s ultra-competitive shopping environment.

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