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Research America’s Segmedica Division to Present at Intellus WorldWide

Newtown Square, PA, 8-22-2023 - Research America is excited to announce that we are exhibiting and presenting at the Intellus WorldWide in Boston this September.

Research America’s Segmedica Division, Dr. Barbara Haimowitz will be presenting HealthVoiceTM: Digging Deeper Into the Patient–Doctor Dialogue. The upcoming presentation marks a significant step forward in advancing healthcare dialogue.

The patient-provider interaction lies at the heart of the patient journey, influencing diagnoses, treatment decisions, and overall satisfaction. Dr. Haimowitz's presentation emphasizes the pivotal role of effective communication, highlighting that trust and clarity in the healthcare provider's analysis foster patient compliance and successful outcomes.

Traditional research methods fall short in capturing the authenticity of these interactions, underscoring the need for innovative approaches like Segmedica's HealthVoiceTM methodology. This approach, rooted in HIPAA compliance, delivers insightful recordings of in-office visits, enabling a profound understanding of patient-provider dynamics.

Through HealthVoiceTM, pharmaceutical companies gain unparalleled insights to enhance communication strategies, while healthcare providers gain tools to empathetically guide patients through their medical journey. Ultimately, this methodology elevates patient care by recognizing the emotional nuances and content of these critical conversations.

Session Details:

HealthVoiceTM: Digging Deeper Into the Patient–Doctor Dialogue

Hilton Boston Logan

September 27th, 2023, 4:45pm

International Ballroom A-C

For more details on the Summit and to view the full agenda, please visit Intellus at or contact us with any questions.

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