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Research America Inc. – Market Research Company Announces new Sustainability Market Research Report

Research America's Natural Marketing Institute Division is pleased to announce the releases of its 21st annual U.S market research consumer report on the state of sustainability in America 

Our report provides an insightful look into how people's behaviors are being altered as they become more aware of the need for sustainability and whole living. 

Consumer attitudes towards sustainability have shifted drastically over the years, becoming increasingly important as people strive to better protect our planet and its inhabitants. This comprehensive market research study provides the necessary information needed to understand these new behaviors so that businesses can meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products while also making positive contributions towards environmental protection efforts.

Consumer Insight and Sustainable Consumer Research Report Overview:

  • Consumer insight regarding the health of the planet and what issues resonate most with them
  • How segments within society view sustainability differently and what motivates this differentiation
  • Behaviors consumers are adopting to live more sustainably
  • The feasibility of a “circular economy”
  • Consumer attitudes toward waste, plastic and packaging
  • Interest in corporate initiatives
  • Sustainable product customer journey insight and interest in eco-friendly versions of categories
  • …and much more

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