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Research America Acquires HaldyMcIntosh & Associates

Acquisition Media Releases: HaldyMcIntosh, Inc.

Mr. Haldy’s and Mr. McIntosh’s marketing research expertise encompasses both qualitative and quantitative design with core competencies in quantitative market research. HaldyMcIntosh studies have ranged across the product lifecycle including product development, concept evaluation, market needs assessment, pricing, positioning, forecasting, product launch and tracking research, promotional evaluation, competitive intelligence, and product-line extensions.

Research America increases its capability to support in-depth research studies and data collection through integrating HaldyMcIntosh experience and solutions into its existing infrastructure.

Research America President Robert Porter comments: “Pete Haldy and Greg McIntosh offer Research America wisdom and deep knowledge their areas of specialization within the marketing research field. We’re looking forward to working together to continue developing the company into a nationwide resource for all kinds of marketing research.”

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