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The lens concept development suite can provide iterative learning


  • multiple platforms/ideas for relative value/interest. Prioritize where to invest for further development.

  • 3 to 5 ideas with diagnostics. Understand the relative appeal of characteristics, benefits, etc. and build a strong bundle.

  • the appeal of a single concept via comprehensive diagnostic iterations or a single assessment.

lens concept testing is self-norming

Concept scores are "self-norming" — the respondent establishes personal frame of reference via selection of first and second favorites on a scale, imitating a real life market.

How lens works: Segmented Scoring of Prime Targets

A person who believes the concept is excellent, with great execution —your best audience — product or service and believe it is the best solution for them.

Rating scores gauge the intensity of interest in the concept

How lens works: why

lens delivers unparalleled depth of information to assist your marketing decisions. Understand why your idea wins, features/benefits for package call outs, and barriers to interest and acceptance.

  • Driver Scores: Borderlines vs. Prime Target provide the strength of key elements such as features, benefits or other communications that drive acceptance of your idea.
  • Rating sets: provide dynamic ranking across benefits, claims, flavors and more –TURF analysis available
  • Respondents' Verbatim insight: comments, in their own language, unedited, provide additional insight into how they think or why they rated your idea as they did.
  • Identify Promotional Lift based on current and promotional pricing
  • Identify opportunities validate and optimize concepts for launch
  • Prime Target Profile
  • Advanced Analytics Volumetrics
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