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Research America Releases New Retail Trends Report

Newtown Square, PA, May 6, 2019 – Research America Inc. announced today the release of the Retail Trends Report 2019.

Developed and updated annually by Lynne Lockwood, a Senior Insights Consultant at RAI, this report explores a number of key issues and trends effecting today’s retailers, including:

  • The personalization of retailing
  • The evolution of retail space
  • The impact of technologies like mobile, augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Direct-to-consumer selling through services like subscription programs and home delivery

According to Rob Porter, President of Research America, “Conducting research in the retail space is a sweet spot for us. We’ve conducted a lot of research in the retail industry over the years and developed a deep knowledge base in the area… knowledge that we share in this annual Report.”

To download the 2019 Retail Trends Report, Click Here.

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