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Research America Inc. – Market Research Company Uncovers Consumer Health Challenges in their New Supplements Trends Report

Research America Inc., is pleased to present its 2023 Supplements, OTC, and Rx Consumer Trends Report. With 10+ years of trended data, this report provides a comprehensive view of how the supplement landscape has changed, along with the most recent and updated market research information on how consumers are thinking and behaving with regard to supplements, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

The one-of-a-kind marketing research report also provides insights into how today’s consumer is confronting their own health and wellness. It uncovers the health challenges consumers are encountering, such as chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Additionally, it reveals consumer attitudes towards preventive health measures such as dieting, exercise, and stress management.

The report covers a range of topics including: consumer attitudes toward natural health products; purchase preferences for vitamins and minerals; reasons for choosing certain OTC medications; emerging trends in dietary supplement usage; usage patterns among different age groups; factors influencing compliance with prescribed regimens; trust levels in healthcare providers; brand loyalty for certain products; views on generic versus branded medicines; and more.

Research America Inc.'s 2023 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends Report offers an invaluable source of data that can be used by companies across industries to make informed decisions about product development or marketing campaigns related to healthcare products or services. Request a custom bid from us today.

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