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Research America Recognized as a Top Full-Service, Qualitative, and Quantitative Research Company by Quirk’s

Newtown Square, PA, July 29, 2021 Research America announces recognition from Quirk’s as part of the 21 Top Full-Service Research Companies, 24 Top Qualitative Research Companies, and 28 Top Quantitative Research Companies.

Earlier this year, Research America listed among one of the top full-service research companies in 2021 and most recently has joined the list for the top qualitative research companies and top quantitative research companies in Quirk’s resource guide.

According to Robert Porter, CEO at Research America, “It is a great honor to be part of the top full-service, qualitative, and quantitative market research companies recognized by Quirk’s. Research America is a collaboration of specialized research companies working together as One Team, and our mission is to provide all-inclusive quantitative and qualitative research services to companies around the world.”

ABOUT RESEARCH AMERICA: Research America is a nimble, value-based, full-service and field market research firm providing organizations with consumer insight needed to enhance products and services for their customer base. Leveraging senior-level research marketers to provide insight, they use tools that inform and inspire ideas, development, marketing, and advertising. The team includes experts in strategic consulting, health & sustainability, customer experience, brand research, data collection, and recruiting. Research America has focus groups and research facilities located in multiple cities that include biometrics, CLT, HUT, and full kitchen testing. To learn more, visit or call (610) 356-1800.

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