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Project Summaries

Study #2

Industry: Food & Beverage           Methodology: Online qualitative discussion
Project: Food manufacturer – advertising strategy


In an effort to grow the market share locally, a local potato chip manufacturer partnered with an ad agency to use consumer insights to inform the advertising strategy for the brand. Research objectives were to:


Once the participants were screened, they were directed to an RAI web-based data collection platform, where they participated in a facilitated discussion that consisted of a series of activities over the course of five days.


The client received a wide range of findings, from which, a number of recommendations were made:

  1. Portray friends having a good time in advertising
  2. Highlight the pride that people have for their state in advertising
  3. Emphasize the sense of nostalgia and childhood memories that the Client Brand elicits
  4. Consider updating the packaging, log, and tagline to appear more modern
  5. Increase distribution beyond typical grocery stores
  6. Further engage with consumers through social media.

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