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Project Summaries

Study #10

Industry: Home health           Methodology: Home health
Project: Fall detection device – positioning


The Team wanted to optimize the positioning, name, and features of the fall detection device which was part of their fall protection service. The Team developed four alternative positionings and needed to understand the effectiveness of each, diagnose and refine the language, and optimize a winner. Because speed to market was so critical, the team needed a solution that compressed the cycle time but still provided confidence in the results.


Our proprietary, blended, quant-qual methodology Precision Scan was deployed. This approach allowed the team to confidently understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each positioning, and which names best delivered against that positioning. Additionally, various features were evaluated via Max/Diff in order to determine their relative importance. Three audiences were included: seniors, care-givers, and HCPs.


Outputs from this session enabled the Team to move forward and launch the product with the most compelling positioning and name.

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