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Project Summaries

Study #6

Industry: Manufacturing           Methodology: CLiP communications testing
Project: Heartburn medicine – ad testing


A manufacturer was set to introduce a new product (PPI) and had developed several ads designed to ‘bring the product to life’. Objectives were to:


  1. CLiP communications testing vehicle was utilized to address the objectives.
  2. In this instance a ‘blended’, quantitative-qualitative CLT was deployed.
  3. 8 sessions of ~20 consumers were recruited.
  4. During the first hour of each session consumers completed a quantitative CLiP evaluation of the 5 animatic spots.
  5. In the second hour, a focus group was competed with 6-8 respondents from the session.


Although all five ads created interest in the product, two of them were most successful at capturing attention, differentiating the product, and communicating ‘life without heartburn’.

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