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Surveys, interviews and opinion polling are some of the fastest ways to do market research. We offer real advantages over internet-based and other types of self-administered polling. We also offer respondents the opportunity...


Welcome to Research America

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Research America was established over 35 years ago with one goal in mind – to consistently and significantly disrupt industry practices for market research companies – and by doing so create the highest standard of excellence by which others should be judged. We have purchased 10 different marketing research companies with varying disciplines, expert researchers and the best equipment in the past decade. We are a top notch “boutique of boutiques”. We truly can do it all, and we are nimble enough to do what the big companies cannot without the aggravation of a mom and pop.

By outsourcing your market research efforts to a company that utilizes proven methods to gather valid data you will be able to identify potential markets, great products and target ideal customers, saving you time and making you money.

Our Services

Research America, Inc. Market Research services include IT ALL:    
• Qualitative    
• Quantitative    
• Any and all means of data collection, analysis and report writing with experts on staff, in house and on site.

Research America is one of the very few firms that offers service to larger specialized firms, including market research firms needing skilled phone, web and in person survey outsourcing and moderating, as well as small and mid-sized businesses who recognize and want to take advantage of valuable research data in their marketing efforts.

Our Staff

Research America staff includes highly qualified individuals who have been trained in the fields of communications, analytics, and research analysis. Our comprehensive knowledge of marketing research ensures our clients receive accurate information. Our staff is skilled and understands how to conduct comprehensive studies that answer real marketing questions.

Our Valid Data Collection & Low Error Rates

Real surveys, and collecting valid data is vitally important to the research process so that market research studies have low error rates. It is also important that the same folks who create and program your project analyze and write the report. No need to hire multiple companies

Our Friendly and Engaging Interviewers

Our employees are trained to:
• skillfully navigate past gatekeepers to reach the correct respondents
• ask questions flawlessly, and
• record answers accurately

Our Expert Coordination and Execution

Our experienced and skilled Research America team will:
• provide lists, samples and panel tailored for your study (or you can provide your own)
• meticulously place outbound calls by agents skilled at reaching key contacts
• lead respondents accurately through each phone survey, and
• record and report the results of every call

Our clients can quickly see where we’ve had success and have full control of their marketing research survey efforts. Our in-house programming team can quickly change survey questions when they’re not eliciting mean-ingful answers, vary calling areas and times, and alter the marketing research survey program to ensure its generating meaningful data.

Expert coordination and execution

We can provide outbound call lists tailored for your study, or you can provide your own lists to our team. Our agents meticulously place outbound calls, and are skilled at reaching key contacts. Our agents will lead respondents accurately through each phone survey, and our computerized systems report the results of every call. You’ll be able to see where we’ve had success. You’ll have full control of your efforts. We can change your questions on the fly, vary calling areas and times, and alter your program generating meaningful data for your project.

Our Skilled Tabulation and Reporting

Research America tabulates data and issues reports quickly using our state-of-the art VoxCo CATI software. Vox-co software is installed in every workstation and all collected data are stored in a single database ensuring fast and accurate analysis and reporting.

Our Consultation and Analysis

When you need assistance understanding marketing research survey results, our team of experts is here to answer questions and show you exactly what the data means in terms of your marketing success. You can quickly learn amazing facts about the health of your project create your business’s ideal client profile and see how to grow your business using marketing research survey responses.

Our 100% Domestic Call Center and Market Research Solution

The Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring has certified Research America, Inc. as a 100% domestic market research services provider. The FTO requires offshoring disclosure by Market Research call centers wishing to achieve the various levels of certification offered by The FTO, including their percentage of subcontracting research work to foreign outsourcing service providers. This certification confirms Research America’s long history of offering value in telephone-based public opinion polls and market research to a broad range of clients who desire the data security that US-based contracts afford. RAI market research call centers conduct all clients’ studies within the United States, utilizing call center and research facilities and only employs on-site telephone researchers.

Privacy Policy

Many companies spend time researching their market through reading and other forms of second-hand market research. As valuable as these forms of market research are, companies that utilize surveys and data collection...

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