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Market Research For Utility Companies

Utility: the capacity of a commodity or a service to satisfy some human want.

In today's world the term utility has taken on an ever expanding meaning. Gone are the days where utilities were just gas, water and electric. Today's consumers also include telecommunications and internet connectivity in their list of daily needs.

Research America has more experience in the utility sector than in any other sector. Serving as the Reporter of Record for many utility companies to their respective states' Public Utility Commissions as well as satisfying the ever increasing federal public research requirements.

Research America services and research in the utility sectors include:

  • Superior Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking
  • Key Driver studies
  • Transactional surveys after a customer service or field service encounter
  • Branding and message studies
  • Power Outage Communications Experience studies
  • Water Quality studies
  • Pipeline Safety Awareness (RP1162)

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