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Creating a deeper emotional connection with consumers to drive sales.

2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandating that all Americans purchase health insurance was implemented. As health care shifted from a wholesale to a retail market, a new consumer retail health insurance market was created.

This newly created consumer category represented a major strategic threat to commercial health insurers whose traditional “modus operandi” had been B-to-B.


To identify the critical strategic and tactical steps needed to take in order to dominate this new retail market and position the Company for future growth in the post-Affordable Care Act era.


A comprehensive, multi-phased research program that identified and profiled health insurance consumer segments, led internal ideation for new product/service development, and reengaged consumers for rapid-fire prototyping exercises to optimize new products/services.


White space opportunity identified highly differentiated new products/ benefits that were for individuals and small groups. The company has continued to grow in the individual and small group market post the ACA implementation.