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Research America Announces Cincinnati Expansion

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 13, 2018

Research America Inc., a leading marketing research provider, announced it has hired all remaining Parker Insights employees. Parker, formally known as Parker Marketing Research, launched in Cincinnati in 1985 and closed in late 2017.

The Totowa office also provides clients with focus group and interviewing facilities, including panel rooms with client observation amenities and private interviewing rooms for in person, in depth interviewing of individuals or small groups. The facilities are wired for Wi-Fi for client connectivity to high speed internet. Remote monitoring of activity is easy to set up for each study through video conferencing.

The firm developed and maintains an expansive panelist database which is constantly updated to reflect the wide range of demographics in the region. As part of the latest deal, Partners in Research will become part of Research America’s network of facilities currently based in Newtown Square and Philadelphia, PA; Lehighton and Pottsville, PA, Rochester, NY, Chicago, IL and Sacramento, CA. Key leadership, including Ryan Clark, are expected to play major roles in expanding activity in Totowa.

Research America President Robert Porter commented: “Partners in Research and Ryan Clark have been very influential in product marketing testing in the New York City area for almost two decades, and we're proud to add their experience, skills and leadership qualities to our team. We are looking forward to bringing Research America’s unique blend of marketing research services to our clients in the region.”