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Research America Welcomes Barbara Haimowitz, Ph.D. and Alyssa Bartolotta to the Team

Dr. Barbara Haimowitz is Vice President of Market Research, with 20+ years of market research experience on both the pharmaceutical client and agency and consulting sides. Barbara has led market research and planning programs at Regeneron, Eisai, MetLife, and WebMD/Medscape, among others. She has led market research activities across the (bio)pharmaceutical brand life cycle, ranging from early discovery and new product assessments to Phase 3 and in-line market research, covering rebranding, positioning, messaging reimbursement strategy, and HCP tactical planning.

Alyssa Bartolotta, Market Research Project Manager, brings is extensive consumer marketing experience to Research America. She has a passion for understanding the customer journey and identifying areas for improvement in the process. Her industry experience includes B2C clients, with a focus in dentistry and automotive.

Research America is a nimble, value-based, full-service, and field market research firm. We provide organizations with consumer insight needed to enhance products and services for their customer base. We leverage our senior-level research marketers to provide insight, using tools that inform and inspire ideas, development, marketing, and advertising. With 300 researchers, 16 companies, and One Team, we provide quantitative and qualitative services research to end-user companies around the world.

We are experts in strategic consulting, health & sustainability, customer experience, brand research, data collection, and recruiting. Our focus groups and facilities include biometrics, CLT, HUT, and full kitchen testing. To learn more, visit or call (610) 356-1800.

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