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From Research America's Segmedica Division, Peter Simpson, Vice President, Joins the Intellus Worldwide Board of Directors

Intellus Worldwide is the leading organization for healthcare insights and analytics, including global manufacturers and service providers within pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics. Peter Simpson, founder and Vice President of Segmedica, has been selected to join the Intellus Board of Directors.

Peter’s vision for Intellus includes the following:

  • Continue to educate and train from basic to the most advanced levels of research.
  • Tap technology vendors to keep us up to date with new and advanced data gathering and analysis technology.
  • Broaden our view and membership to embrace not only devices, equipment, and diagnostics, but also healthcare delivery and healthcare infrastructure, associations, and government.
  • To think and outreach globally.
  • To develop a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equal access to healthcare.
  • Understand the impact of telehealth and issues of provider “burn out” in the COVID-19 world.
  • To be seen as an organization which can uniquely broaden the views of its members and enable them to provide excellence routinely.

Peter’s skills include strategic planning processes, branding issues, market segmentation, healthcare marketing, and innovative market research. He has been researching and developing psychology-based methodologies for medical market research for twenty-five years and has developed a number of novel techniques and processes, including our PersonaSmart™ personality-based segments.