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Find Market Research for Your Industry


Market Research for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Closely tied to the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical industry is also facing challenges, including pressure on drug pricing, regulation, changing healthcare models, and the growth of global drug manufacturing...

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Utilities Market Research

In today's world the term utility has taken on an ever expanding meaning. Gone are the days where utilities were just gas, water and electric...

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Sports, Entertainment, & Tourism

Market Research for the Sports, Entertainment, and Tourism Industry

Despite changes in technology and economics presenting unique challenges across segments of the sports, entertainment, and industry, there will be continued growth in market size...

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Financial & Legal

Market Research for the Financial and Legal Industry

The financial services and legal services industries are both in transition. Facing the introduction of new online competitors, and changing consumer demand for and usage of financial and legal services...

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Healthcare Market Research

Rising health care costs. Changing patient demographics. Evolving consumer expectations. New market entrants. Complex health and technology ecosystems. Increasing outpatient delivery...

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Manufacturing & Industry

Market Research for the Manufacturing Industry

Research America conducts manufacturing market research to bring new ideas and insights to manufacturers as they deal with trends such as digital transformation, a challenging global supply environment...

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Market Research for the Retail Industry

Gain insight on changing behaviors, media habits, the decision process and brand perceptions to reveal strategic refinements for product development, marketing & advertising initiatives...

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Hi-Tech & Ecommerce

Market Research for the Tech Industry

Discover how your products and services are perceived by end-users to further focus new product development initiatives and expose new revenue channels...

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Market Research for the Automotive Industry

Faced with trends such as the advent of automotive subscription models, new sales models, and consumer and regulators’ demand for improved sustainability, the automotive industry needs accurate and timely automotive market research to inform decisions...

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Food & Beverage

Market Research for the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is undergoing rapid change and transformation. Consumer preferences for healthy foods and snacks, for ease of in-home preparation, bold and different flavor profiles, and new and interesting dining-out concepts...

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Travel & Hospitality

Market Research for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

A highly competitive airline industry with low costs carriers was entering major markets with consumer sentiment towards any carrier at an all time low...

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Apparel & Footwear

Market Research for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental sustainability issues resulting from fashion consumptions, with 60% of consumers worried about climate change...

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Alternative Energy

Market Research for Alternative Industry

A new entrant in the national renewable energy arena wanted to gain insight from homeowners on their awareness, attitudes and willingness to adopt renewable energy systems...

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