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Christina Ailor
Markert Research Analyst

Creative and inquisitive, Christina considers market research as the perfect setting to ask her favorite question: “why.” She began her career at non-pro ts and on electoral campaigns exploring public perceptions and how to deliver on what is important to an audience. Christina is curious by nature and loves to see how insightful research can strengthen a brand, product, reputation, or a community. In her time as a researcher, she has worked with multiple methodologies, including in-person intercepts, telephone phone tracking studies, quick turn online surveys, and in-depth interviews. Whether managing a public opinion poll or presenting ndings of a consumer products test, her focus is on using research to create value for her client. Outside of the of ce you can nd Christina reading, volunteering, or at the theater as she clears her mind for her next project. Christina earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh.