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Market Research Software & Technology Products

mobile share
Gain feedback on the go where people interact with your brand/products. Read More

swipe right
Incorporates advanced predictive analytics and wisdom of crowds to directly measure BOTH consumers’ implicit, emotional AND explicit, rational responses. Read More

chat scraper
A social media listening tool that can pull in publicly posted online content, such as social media posts, online news articles, and blogs and track a category or brand over real-time. Read More

A blended quant-qual research model encompassing innovative, real-time & mixed method approaches. Read More

Clip Ad
A communication platform with normative comparisons and custom diagnostics for optimization. Read More

An unfiltered lens into how the brand, product or category is perceived both qualitative and quantitative. A visual methodology that provides self-norming measures, with historic benchmarks that are predictive of true in-market success. Read More

market view
Get a real ROI for more than your money’s worth by mapping your current market position against competitors to prioritize markets for growth and reveal strategies to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

map trac
An advertising tool that was designed to specifically help companies maximize advertising and marketing investment by targeting the optimum customer in the most efficient way. Read More

win loss
An immediate transaction follow-up process using proprietary data collection and analysis to understand the dynamics of the decision process, reveal optimum mediums for marketing dollars, receptive markets, and what went right/wrong. Read More

A segmentation model that combines survey data with big data, including customer profiles and their behavior-based sources, to provide findable segments. Read More