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Kelly Stadelman
Senior Insights Consultant

Kelly has more than two decades of research experience both domestically and internationally in study design, implementation, and analysis. She enjoys working closely with clients to develop research strategies and solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Before joining Research America Kelly owned and operated two small businesses, a newspaper and a research, marketing and public relations company. Using her writing and listening skills, Kelly revels in developing questionnaires, analyzing data and getting behind the numbers to tell the story and provide recommendations. She has conducted numerous attitude and opinion studies, message and brand research, issues research, trend analysis and customer and satisfaction surveys. She has worked with companies of all sizes and is a trained focus group facilitator.

A veteran of the Peace Corps (Rwanda 1988 to 1991), Kelly attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. and earned a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics. She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in International Agriculture.