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Telephone Survey Software

Investments in Technology Infrastructure

Voxco’s Telephone Survey Software (CATI / IVR) includes a set of functionalities that increases interviewer productivity and includes the following features:

• Data are centralized and stocked in real time to ensure efficient management of studies.

• Listening in, recording and monitoring functionalities enabling quality control.

• As an integral component of Voxco’s multichannel data collection platform, this software can be combined

with other collection modes to optimize survey results.

• All collected data stored in a single database.

• Data analysis and reporting completed within a very short period of time.

• Software modules integrated within the multichannel data collection platform, for optimal productivity.

• Advanced questionnaire scripting tools.

• Questionnaire scripting using a text-to-speech converter or pre-recorded sound files.

• Includes dial and redial protocols.

• Surveys can be conducted in inbound or outbound mode.

• IVR - Automated Telephone Surveys:

• Substantially reduce the high costs usually associated with input and encoding.

• 24/7 support for respondents.

• Powerful and user-friendly solution.

• Advanced redialing settings for maximum productivity.

• Call-back prioritization management through an optimized control system.

• Possibility of dispatching call-backs.

• Highly advanced quota control system (simple, crossed, multiple, grouped quotas, etc.)

• Access to reports in real time via Internet or Intranet.

• Simple audio and video monitoring easily accessible from outside.

• Complement to surveys via mobiles, Web (CAWI) or face-to-face (CAPI).