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Neal Eckstein

Neal takes the utmost pride in utilizing his unique ability to interact and communicate effectively with people in any social or professional setting.
With just under three years of experience under his belt in the Marketing Research realm, Neal is eager to confront each day as a new challenge and strive for continued growth, whether he is building changing cabanas for an apparel fit test, interviewing a respondent, or dissecting a data file to generate key insights for a client. All people and each element that makes up their "story" fascinate Neal. He views research as a method of using one's story to enhance the experience and story of another.

Neal believes his niche, or area of expertise, should be defined and earned through his career's work, and not necessarily chosen. He aims to stay flexible and willing to give his best every day while understanding that respect, honesty, and an established work ethic and of course a smile will ultimately define his success in the end.

Neal graduated from Miami University (Ohio) in 2015 with a B.B.A. in Marketing and Sales from the Farmer School of Business.

Aside from being a researcher, Neal enjoys nothing more than every aspect of his "other job" -- being an uncle to his (currently) five nieces and nephews. He also enjoys his daily dose of anything sports and all things outdoors.