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Megan Mc Kinney
Data Manager

Megan has a lifelong passion for science and a thirst for learning. Despite childhood dreams of becoming a biologist, she obtained her BS in Business and spent the last ten years developing her skills in both quantitative and qualitative research. Megan's area of specialization is around online research, including questionnaire development, data collection, analytics, and reporting.

Driven by a desire for efficiency combined with a need to provide the best possible service to her clients, Megan continually looks for better ways to improve client and consumer experiences. This analysis may include everything from streamlining internal processes to new ways of looking at data to better reach the answers our clients are seeking. Developing new ways of asking consumer opinions is an ongoing project, and making surveys more engaging is a top priority.

When she isn't working, Megan uses her passion and creativity in the kitchen and behind a camera lens. Her love of science continues to this day, and she rarely passes a zoo or aquarium without visiting. Most warm weekends will find her camping in the woods with her family or scouts. Volunteering with both the BSA and GSA provides opportunities to share her knowledge with both her children and others', while also providing new opportunities for self-growth and development.