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Inta Didrichsons

Inta Didrichsons joined Sigma Group in August 1998 as Vice President. Inta is responsible for managing client projects and development of the firm’s analytic services. Prior to joining Sigma Group, Ms. Didrichsons held the position of Professional Research Analyst/Research Director with The Gallup Organization in Lincoln, Nebraska. Over the past ten years, she has designed research programs for numerous healthcare industry clients, including community image, physician satisfaction, employee/workplace, customer satisfaction, and advertising studies.

Ms. Didrichsons has worked with numerous health systems to develop patient satisfaction and employee assessment programs. Her past clients include Holy Cross Health System, United Healthcare Corporation, American Medical Association, Harris Methodist Health System, Sisters of St. Francis of Mishawaka, Adventist Health System, and Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Inta has participated in numerous presentations of research data to client organizations, including marketing teams, system committees and boards of directors.