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Research America, Inc. Acquires Viewpoint Consulting

Philadelphia, July 6, 2016

Research America, a nationwide provider of marketing research, qualitative and quantitative surveys and analysis, announces the acquisition of Viewpoint Consulting, a leading agency specializing in Pharmaceutical Payer Research to augment its existing pharmaceutical offerings.

Headquartered in Langhorne, PA, Viewpoint Consulting offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of marketing research services to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies throughout the United States. Viewpoint Consulting’s team members have played roles in valuable healthcare payer research conducted by some of the largest, global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. The acquired firm was founded in 1998.

Research America’s President, Robert Porter, remarks, “As a company that places emphasis on attentive customer service, Sigma Group certainly is a good-fit acquisition through its traditional emphasis on ‘hand-crafted marketing research’ studies for its clients. I’m confident that acquiring Sigma Group will add to our organization’s capabilities in serving healthcare communities throughout the United States. I’m looking forward to working with Dennis Nutter and the other members of the Sigma Group team as we continue to expand our healthcare and pharmaceutical research capacities.”

This is the fifth successful acquisition by Research America during the past year. With the addition of Sigma Group, Research America can offer its current healthcare and pharmaceutical customers additional, in-depth research services to better understand their marketing challenges to their immediate communities.

Research America continues to expand its network of local marketing research centers by evaluating opportunities to open local, branded offices throughout the United States. The firm has established a network of marketing research facilities based in its headquarters in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. The company is in the process of expanding its pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing research division through two forthcoming acquisitions. It offers energy and utility companies dedicated marketing research specialty expertise through Metrix Matrix, located in Rochester New York. The company owns a central testing location facility in Totowa, New Jersey.

About Research America

Research America is a nimble, value based public opinion market research firm providing organizations with market research needed to enhance products and services for their customer base. With 30 years’ experience and a network of nationwide offices, the company provides quantitative and qualitative services delivering interviewing services to a variety of communities around the world. Research America team leaders are experts in coding analytics and surveying.