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MapTrac ™

Don't waste your advertising dollars! Use MapTrac™ for precise targeting!

Each year companies waste millions of dollars on “shot gun” advertising and marketing campaigns “hoping” for a hit.Guessing atwhomay buy your product or service andwhereyou can find them takes time, money and sales resources.Intellitrends MapTrac™ program was designed specifically to help companies maximize their advertising and marketing investment by targeting your “optimum” customer in the most efficient way. How do we do this?First, we research tounderstand what your current customers “look like” – Who are they? What is their lifestyle, their profile?Then we overlay this on any market you are targeting– national, regional, local, even a 1 mile trade area - to uncover prospectswho look just like your best customers.The result?... A focused pool of like prospects for higher sales conversion, stronger ROI for your advertising dollars and faster growth momentum.

1. Start with your own customers

Upload your customer list to our secure server (If you don’t have a customer list, Intellitrends’ Market 360™ can easily do that) Choose a market, a sales territory, a trade area as small as 1 mile or simply segment your best, most frequent customers in your database

2. Overlay Research America’ 180M National Household file

We then match/merge your customers’ name and addresses against our 180 million household database (refreshed monthly) which will append demographics, interests and other data As a result, you will receive: A MapTrac Report showing where your current customers are A Profile Report showing the characteristics of your optimum customer (age, income, education, employment, profession, household profile, life stage)

3. Measure the sales potential of other markets!

We then overlay your customer profile on a designated territory to show the potential that exists in that particular market (national, regional, local, mile defined trade area) An Sales Potential Index is produced that indicates the presence of “like customers” in that designed area (city, market, territory, trade area, etc.)

4. Target only your best Prospects! Next we use proprietary software and:

Create a computer model of your customers and let you select your best prospects and download names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses

Visually map where they are

Use these best prospects to survey (further refine marketing strategies), or determine use of advertising dollars - direct mail campaign, email campaign, billboards, newspaper, etc.

5. Establish sales goals!

Assessment of untapped revenue opportunities