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DashView ™

"Picture" your growth... anytime... anywhere!

Research America' itDashView™ product offers the ability to "see" market intelligence at a glance – so you can view and track market opportunity data on-line, anytime, anywhere!

itDashView™ pages are designed and customized for your organization whether you are focused on geographic sales growth, market share growth, marketing campaign effectiveness, tracking competitive share, brand awareness or all of the above.

  • Track data globally, regionally, by market, or product segments
  • Link market data for comparatives (gov’t, demographics, financial, consumer confidence, business confidence, commodity pricing, exports, etc.)
  • Set-up alert signals for competitive or operational risk situations
  • Drill-down behind the graphs for more detail
  • Measure sales opportunity (or competitive risk) geographically (global to local)
  • Monitor your successes by products or marketing campaigns (events, direct mail, advertising)