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Senior Business Development Team

 Research America Management Team

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Rex Repass

Rex Repass, President

Rex is the man behind the story. A courageous leader and entrepreneur, he enjoys the numbers, but understanding people and behavior is his passion... Read More
Education: M.S., University of Tennessee, Communications 

Robert Porter

Robert Porter, CEO

Robert is proficient in all stages of the research process, including survey and study design, questionnaire development, data analysis, and reporting... Read More
Education: Temple University, Business Administration and Finance 

Amy Benner

Amy Benner, Vice President

Amy brings over 13 years of market research and strategic consulting experience to Intellitrends. She is responsible for growing client relationships and the... Read More

Education: B.S., Mechanical Engineering - The University of Michigan; M.B.A., Marketing concentration-Oakland University.

Will Krieger

Will Krieger, Vice President

A connector of people and ideas. An observer and motivator, Will is fixated with moving ideas forward. His interest in team dynamics, creativity... Read More

Education: M.S., Marketing


Jim Whalen, Vice President

Jim has more than 20 years’ expert knowledge of global brand building. He takes a holistic view of every insight challenge, sharing his depth.... Read More

Education: M.S., Marketing, Miami University

Larry Durkin

Larry Durkin, Vice President

Larry brings over 20 years of market research experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods to our firm, including secondary data analytics... Read More

Education: M.B.A., Marketing; M.A., Industrial / Organizational Psychology University
of New Haven B.A., Psychology, University of Delaware

Tom Ramsburg

Tom Ramsburg, Director of Operations

Thomas M. Ramsburg previously founded and led TMR, Inc., for 28 years. As an expert in brand research and analytics, he brings over thirty-five years’... Read More

Education: B.S., Shippensburg University; M.B.A., Temple University

Jim Antonevich

Jim Antonevich, Director of Research

With over 20 years in market research, Jim’s expertise in survey design, execution, statistical
analysis and presentation of survey results is evident through... Read More

Education: B.S., Computer Science, State University of New York at Buffalo

Peter Haldy

Peter Haldy, Director of Research

Peter joined the Research America team, after leading HaldyMcIntosh & Associates.
He is an expert on the healthcare industry as well as the design and... Read More

Education: M.B.A., Marketing, American University

Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark, Director of Focus Group Operations

Ryan Clark has managed all projects in Research America’s sensory testing and focus
group facilities. He began his marketing research career at Partners... Read More

Education: B.A., Marketing; B.A., Business Management, Rutgers University

Larry Durkin

Ted Davies, Senior Insights Consultant

Ted has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients for over 30 years. His experience spans major consumer products, HBC/HBA and OTC. Read More

Education:M.B.A., Business, Indiana University; Ph.D., Sociology, Indiana University of Bloomington

Katerina Surovick

Katerina Surovick, Director of Payer Research

Katerina joined Viewpoint Consulting, a division of Research America, in late 2016. Katerina possesses a diverse background and experience obtained in a span... Read More

Education: M.S., International Marketing, St. Joseph’s University; B.S., Business/Commerce, Siberian State Academy

Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins, Project & Client Relations Director

Michelle is directly involved in quality assurance, development, coding, and project methodology, ensuring integrity... Read More

Education: B.S., Marketing, The Pennsylvania State University

Kandis Demeo

Kandis Demo, Operations & Business Development Director

Kandis Demo joined Research America in 1999 (EMH) and held a number of research roles. With expertise in sciences and research study design... Read More

Education: University of California

William M. Crossan

William M. Crossan, Business Development Director

William joined the Research America team in 2013, bringing over 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing to Research America... Read More

Education: B.S., Business Administration & Marketing, Cabrini University

Inta Didrichsons

Inta Didrichsons, Market Research Director

Senior Research Consultant Inta Didrichsons joined Sigma Group in August 1998 as Vice President. Inta is responsible for managing client projects and development... Read More

Education: B.A., Psychology, University of Nebraska

Donna Ford

Donna Ford, Business Development Director

Donna brings over twenty-five years’ experience in market research - both as a client and as a senior member in major research firms. With a wide variety... Read More

Education: M.S.M., Business & Organizational Management, Roberts Wesleyan College,
B.S., Organizational Management, Roberts Wesleyan College
A.S., Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology

Eva Meng

Eva Meng, Marketing Research Director

With an Master’s in Science/Organizational Psychology at San Francisco State University she has 10 years of experience in data management, focus group ... Read More

Education: M.S., Science/Organizational Psychology at San Francisco State University

Lynne Lockwood

Lynne Lockwood, Senior Insights Consultant

Lynne has over 30 years’ experience in designing and directing a wide range of studies across every conceivable industry, including new product ... Read More

Education:A.S., Mount St. Joseph University

kevin pond

Kevin Pond, Analyst

Kevin joined Research America in 2017 as an Analyst. He has over 5 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market research industries, working on ... Read More

Education:B.A., State University of New York at Geneseo

Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner, Market Research Director

Danielle Gardner came to Research America, Inc. equipped with significant quantitative and qualitative know-how in the design and execution of custom domestic and global ... Read More

Education: B.A., Temple University

Lee Ann Evans

Lee Ann Evans, Research Director

Collaborative and empathic problem solver. Responsive and agile. Lee Ann brings a unique skill set to the Research America team. With a depth of experience... Read More

Education: M.B.A., Research, Xavier University

Stephen Yokley

Stephen Yokley, Data Science Director

Analytical and creative. Systematic and visual. Stephen breathes life into data, making it more comprehendible and actionable for clients. He takes... Read More

Education: University of Cincinnati Department of Economics

Megan Popp

Megan Popp, Qualitative Director

Upbeat, social, and vibrant. Megan brings great enthusiasm to her work and can transition quickly from one pursuit to the next with unlimited... Read More

Education: B.S., Education, English, Miami University 

Lauren Semrau

Lauren Semrau, Market Research Director

Lauren specializes in online behavioral analysis, digital media, survey design and reporting, and has experience working with clients in the financial, insurance... Read More

Education: B.A., Advertising and Public Relations, Michigan State University

Gregory J. McIntosh

Gregory J. McIntosh, Senior Research Analyst

Greg has over 30 years’ experience in designing and managing customized marketing research studies. As founding partner at HaldyMcIntosh & Associates... Read More

Education: Business, Marketing, Marketing Research, University of Delaware - Lerner College of Business and Economics

Earl Robinson

Earl Robinson, CATI/Web Programmer

Earl brings over 25 years of IT support experience to our Market Research CATI Programming division. Earl’s responsibilities include specialized... Read More

Education: Business Management, Eastern University

Lauren Conte

Lauren Conte, Research Coordinator

Lauren joined the Research America’s Market Research team in March of 2013. After three years directly involved with qualitative recruitment and quantitative... Read More

Education: Widener University

Ann Rogers Lane

Ann Rogers Lane, Operations Manager

Ann has over fifteen years’ experience in corporate management and service quality research. Over the course of her career, Ann developed and managed... Read More

Education: B.A., English, Secondary Education, State University of New York at Genes

Diane Pieritz

Diane Pieritz, Operations Manager

As manager of the Philadelphia office since 1996, Diane oversees the hiring and training of staff, and maintains the quality of work produced in the office... Read More

Education: B.A., Political Science, Boston University

Roxanne McCarty

Roxanne McCarty, Office Manager

Roxanne has been with Research America for 17 years. She is responsible for providing administrative support to the Manager including hiring... Read More


Roxanne McCarty

Megan McKinney, Data Manager

Megan has a lifelong passion for science and thirst for learning. Despite childhood dreams of becoming a biologist, she obtained her BS in business and has ...  Read More

Education:B.S., B.A. Marketing, Columbia College

Mandy hull

Neal Eckstein, Project Manager

Neal takes the utmost pride in utilizing his unique ability to interact and communicate effectively with people in any social or professional setting. Read More

Education: B.B.A, Marketing and Sales, Miami University- Farmer School of Business

Mandy hull

Mandy Hull, Project Manager/ Moderator

Organized, creative, highly energetic and results-driven. Experienced in quantitative and qualitative market research, Mandy is a project director… Read More

Education: B.A., Communication, Public Relations & Media Studies, University of Cincinnati

Lola Oyelese

Lola Oyelese, Project Manager

Organized, creative, highly energetic and results-driven. Experienced in quantitative and qualitative market research, Mandy is a project director… Read More

Education:B.A., Communication, Public Relations & Media Studies, University of Cincinnati